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Pet Boarding
Daily Packages ranging from • 4,000 - 6,000 ¥ per day


Pet holiday will keep your pet while you are traveling, hosting an engagement, or just want to have the day to yourself.  We will keep your pet comfortable and safe for the time you are away.     

We provide the following packages:

Daily Packages

  • Standard
    • This package is for pets that are neutered/ spayed, have formal training, excellent recall, no supervision needed.

  • Full
    • This package is for pets that are not neutered/ spayed, have no formal training, little to no recall, or requires supervision.

  • Premium
    • This package is for pets that are fewer than 8 months, older than 10 years, require private accommodations, or specific care.

  • Deluxe
    • This package is for any customer who wants their pet to have her or his own private room. 

  • Discounts are offered to any customer who uses our service for more than 2 weeks.  
Field Trips

Your pet will enjoy taking a field trip to the beach.  Our day trips include places such as Zushi Beach, Mt. Ogusu, Tateishi beach, and other areas that are pet friendly

See the source image Tap the pictures to watch videos of Field Trips



We understand that proper grooming is an essential way to maintain your four-legged friend's hygiene, health, and happiness.  We have an in house grooming facility at our immediate location as well as networks of professionals in the local area who will assist with hairstyling, hygienic care, and cleaning your pet.  Our professional grooming partners will ensure your pet's health by washing, cutting, and stimulating natural oils in the skin that help fight illness.  Services include:

Shampoo & conditioning

Haircutting & styling

Nail clipping

Ear cleaning

Anal gland expression

Prices will vary depending on size, breed, and the grooming style requested.  Pet Holiday provides discounted rates when you use our referral services. We also offer free pet grooming as an extended service when your pet stays at our facility for longer than 2 weeks.  Let us help you find a convenient way to increase the health, well being, and happiness of your pet.