How does Pet Boarding work?

Pet Holiday has a three-step process to our pet boarding:

   1.Register online with details about you and your pet on our customer login link (click here to login)


   2.Schedule a pre-assessment time with Pet Holiday so that we can observe you with your pet. Please note that while you may be familiar with your pet(s) behaviors, routines, and habits, it is our first time meeting them.  As a professional pet care facility, it is important to avoid intimidating, startling, coming across fearful, or setting off any triggers that may lead to the dog becoming defensive.  So that we do not inadvertently send the wrong signals to your pet during our first encounter, the most appropriate way to greet it is by not initially petting, but remaining calm and confident/ assertive at all times.  During the pre-assessment, we observe traits such as body language, energy level, and features that  may help interpret aggression or a threatening mood. This will provide us with a intial idea of how to accomdate you and your pet.

  3. The final stage is scheduling your pet(s) stay and pickup dates.   This stage gives us an opportunity to prepare for your pet(s) and learn any further details about how chater to your pet(s) needs.  We also have a suggested method for handling your pet before dropping them off.

    Tips that will help your pet during Pet Barding:

    •  Follow a scheduled feeding time
    Statistics from the Association for Pet Obesity showed that 60% of cats and 56% of dogs  are considered overweight due to overfeeding.  This leads to detrimental health risks and increased medical bills when visiting the veterinarian. Pett Holiday  routinely feed each of our boarding friends two times a day, in the morning and in the evening.  You can do a lot to help prepare your pet for this environment in the days before your pet is to be boarded.  First, establish (or reinforce) a scheduled mealtime for your pet.  A normal feeding schedule is limited to twice per day, once in the morning and evening.  The next thing you may want to consider is meal preping. Although it is not required, some of our customers find it convenient to meal prep for their pet(s) stay at Pet Holiday. Please be sure to check the recommend amount suggested for your pet so that it is receiving the correct amount of nutrients. 

    •  Place your pet(s) on a comfortable wind down routine by 8 PM to 9 PM

    Because our location is in a residential area, we routinely quiet our boarding facility down after closing hours (after 7 PM).  This process includes allowing all pets to wind down and placing them in a designated crate or sleeping area for the night.  To make Pet Holiday processes easier, we suggest that you give your pet(s) adequate time to rest after having it’s evening meal.  This may also include discouraging any activities provokes excitement or hyper activeness.  Getting your pet(s) into a comfortable wind down routine by 8 PM to 9 PM will enable them to adjust quickly to boarding.

    How long can I keep my pet at your facility?

     Pet Holiday requires payment in advance from any customer who is planning to place their pet in our care for more than 30days.  We offer a 20% discount every 30days for all registered customers with a valid credit card. 

     How do you monitor the facility?

      Pet Holiday realize that the safety of your pet is very important.  Each of our pet boarding rooms and facility areas are always  monitored and have surveillance cameras that record what is happening each day. The pet boarding and dog run facilities are also very close to our home, which provides extra safety if needed.

    How often will you walk my pet?

      We take nature walks with our guest in the local area at least 2 times a day, when the weather permits.  These walks are generally scheduled in the morning, so that they can relieve themselves, and in the evening, just before dinner.  We also provide playtime during the day where we run, pet, brush, and cater to the needs of your pet(s) in our dog run facility areas.

     Can I check-in on my pet(s)?

      Yes, for an additional fee, we can give you periodic update about your pet(s).  This usually includes pictures or videos that will assure your pet(s) are safe.  

    Can my pet have its own space?

       We typically allow up to 3 dogs or cats under 30 lb. each to board together in the same suite. This is adequate space for each pet  to feel comfortable and promotes safe boarding practice.  We also have a deluxe package that allows your dog to have its own private room, if needed. 

      Can you administer medications or medical treatments to my pet?

    Pet Holiday welcomes all pets.  This includes pets with disabilities.  So that we are aware, it is important to inform us of your pet(s) medical history and medical needs before checking in to Pet Holiday.  We will include medications or treatments during your pet(s) scheduled mealtime (morning and evening) or as required during our normal business hours. Please note that we may request an additional fee if the administering time of your pet’s medications to be given is after hours.  Please make sure your pet’s medications are clearly labeled with your pet’s name, the correct dosage, and the number of times given per day. You should also be sure you bring enough of the medication for the duration of your pet's stay. It is always good to send extra medication in case of an emergency.

      What is your policy on cancellations?

    We realize that plans do change and wish to accommodate all of our customer's needs. So, a full refund of the deposit is provided upon 72 hours advance cancellation of the scheduled arrival date.


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