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Our Services

Our Services
Pet Boarding
Daily Packages ranging from • 4,000 - 6,000 ¥ per day


Pet holiday will keep your pet while you are traveling, hosting an engagement, or just want to have the day to yourself.  We will keep your pet comfortable and safe for the time you are away.     

We provide the following packages:

Daily Packages

  • Standard
    • This package is for pets that are neutered/ spayed, have formal training, excellent recall, no supervision needed.

  • Full
    • This package is for pets that are not neutered/ spayed, have no formal training, little to no recall, or requires supervision.

  • Premium
    • This package is for pets that are fewer than 8 months, older than 10 years, require private accommodations, or specific care.

  • Deluxe
    • This package is for any customer who wants their pet to have her or his own private room. 

  • Discounts are offered to any customer who uses our service for more than 2 weeks.  
SOFA/military accommodations

We specialize in providing SOFA members and our community with a convenient way to care for their pets when they are away from home.  Our pet services accommodate pets of all shape, sizes, and breeds without any selection process.  We take pride in ensuring your pet is well taken care of. 

Referral Services
Over an extended time Pet holiday has built a group of professional pet care networks who we trust and believe will provide
quality services for your pet. These networks include professional
hairstylists, veterinary providers, pet trainers, and other pet care
facilities in your local area. We provide referral assistance for
any of our customers who are concerned about maintaining the
health and liveliness of your pet. Let us help you choose the right
pet professionals for you.
Field Trips

Your pet will enjoy taking a field trip to the beach.  Our day trips include places such as Zushi Beach, Mt. Ogusu, Tateishi beach, and other areas that are pet friendly

See the source image Tap the pictures to watch videos of Field Trips


Pet pick up and Delivery service

We provide extended pet transportation services to accommodate you and your pet needs.  Our door to door transportation is a safe and convenient way to transport your pet to and from your specified destination.  Our carrying services include Yokosuka city, Yokosuka Naval Base, and Narita Airport.  Contact us today to schedule a ride for your pet care needs.

Rates are as follows:

500¥ per 10km/6.6miles. Additional fees will be charged for tolls.

Please contact us to make a booking

House Call Services

Pet holiday will help take care of your pet while you are away.  This service is recommended for cats, birds, fish, or other small animals that may not require long term care.  Our house call services include up to a 1-hour home visit where we feed, water, walk, clean, interact, and maintain your pet’s well being.  Schedule to meet with us or get your free assessment, where we come to visit you and your pets at your home today.


  • 1 Hour Care
    • We feed, water, walk, clean, interact, and maintain your pet’s well being

We understand that proper grooming is an essential way to maintain your four-legged friend's hygiene, health, and happiness.  We have an in house grooming facility at our immediate location as well as networks of professionals in the local area who will assist with hairstyling, hygienic care, and cleaning your pet.  Our professional grooming partners will ensure your pet's health by washing, cutting, and stimulating natural oils in the skin that help fight illness.  Services include:

Shampoo & conditioning

Haircutting & styling

Nail clipping

Ear cleaning

Anal gland expression

Prices will vary depending on size, breed, and the grooming style requested.  Pet Holiday provides discounted rates when you use our referral services. We also offer free pet grooming as an extended service when your pet stays at our facility for longer than 2 weeks.  Let us help you find a convenient way to increase the health, well being, and happiness of your pet.

Inside Our Facility

     See the source image Tap the pictures in the Description below to watch videos of Our Facility

Our facility was created to allow your pet the ability to exercise in a safe and controlled environment It is a 2,000 square feet outdoor facility that is protected by a jump proof fence. The ground area is covered with wood chip compost to provide a cushioned area surface.  The outer edges of the pet run are enforced with a cement lining to provide a digging prevention system.  The front area has a partial roof for shade and a cool place for your pet to drink.


2 hours ¥1,000
4 hours ¥2,000
6 hours ¥3,000
8 hours ¥6,000 

While in the Dog Run facility, your pet will enjoy the following:

 Playtime in our Dog Run facility -Periodically during the day we have supervised playtime sessions in our Dog Run facility, that includes socializing with other dogs in a safe, controlled, fun environment. Playtime sessions includes running and catching a ball or your pet’s favorite toy.  Following playtime, your pet will also be able to use the bathroom and hydrate her or himself.  

  • Fresh drinking water- Your pet will be well hydrated while at our facility.  We have periodic water brakes throughout the day.  We also accommodate any specified schedule or diet our customers provide for their pet.  
  • Personal attention-Your pet will be cared for by a licensed professional who is thoughtful and trained to provide your pet with the love and care to feel welcomed during her or his stay.
  • Periodic bathroom breaks-Your will have periodic bathroom breaks during her/his stay at Pet Holiday.  Bathroom breaks usually coexist with walking or during exercise in the dog run facility.  However, we will accommodate the needs of each customer or pet.   
  • 24-hour surveillance- Pet Holiday understands that the safety and well-being of your pet is a very serious concern.  Important steps have been taken to ensure your pet is being well taken care of while you are away.  We live on site and pride ourselves in maintaining high safety standards for your pet.  Our dog run, rooms, and designated safe check areas are equipped with high quality surveillance cameras that capture all interactions we have with your pet.  We use the cameras to provide you with real time feedback about how your pet is doing at our facility.  We send you periodical photos or video clip updates via email or social media while your pet is in our care.